About Me



Hello everyone! My name is McKenna and I’m the busy girl hosting this blog. I’m a Buckeye in the Sunflower State and a follower of Jesus in a broken world. I’m the oldest of eight children, the daughter of two amazing, godly parents! I’m a foodie and a seamstress full of hair-brained ideas and impulsive plans. The Lord is teaching me each day to surrender more to Him and His plan for me. I’m a slow learner, but He never gives up on me!

I blogged on my first site, “Cherishing my Role (in the Home)” on and off for eight years (since I was twelve!) and now I feel it’s time for a new chapter 🙂 As I sit here drinking tea and facing the next eight years of my life, I think back on how good God has been to me. He’s opened the doors and given me the passion to learn everything that He has planned for me. Here is where I’m going to share some of that journey with you. I hope you’ll learn something new, I hope you’ll find inspiration and I hope you’re encouraged in your faith!

If you need to contact me with questions or comments, email me at



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