A Few of My Favorite Things…Vol. I

*insert Julie Andrews impression*

“These are a few of my fa-VOR-ite things!!!”

A quick mid-week post to share a little bit about me and what I like on the new site! Do you like the same things? Find something new to interest you? Let me know in the comments below! (double-rhyme whammy! #boom)

I Am They

My new favorite band!!!


A perfect blend of modern worship, folk and bluegrass roots with just a sprinkle of whimsy, “I Am They” has been on repeat for me the last few weeks! You can hear the sincerity of their words, “Amen, let your will be done! Amen, let your kingdom come!” Visit their website HERE or hear them on my personal Spotify worship playlist HERE

Jefferson Bethke


 Even though I only recently discovered Jeff on YouTube, his ministry has made a big impact on my life! God is using Jeff and his wife, Alyssa, to do great things for the kingdom. I’m telling you, their heels must hurt because they’re crushing the head of the serpent big time! Find Jeff and Alyssa on YouTube HERE

To order Jeff’s newest book “It’s Not What You Think” click HERE

Deception by Randy Alcorn


Okay, folks, I just finished my third time reading this gem! This is the final installment in Randy Alcorn’s unnamed trio, “Deadline”, “Dominion” and “Deception”. All three books are murder mysteries, much like a Sherlock Holmes or Nero Wolfe story with an underlying redemption plot. Portions of the book take place in heaven or hell with the deceased; how their lives must go on for eternity either with or without Jesus. The main character, Ollie Chandler, is a wise-cracking, cynical homicide detective and the book is written from his perspective. Absolutely riveting and often hysterical to see things from Ollie’s point of view.

Purchase “Deception” HERE

Curtis Wiklund


I just discovered Curtis Wiklund today, actually. See, I went onto Pinterest to find another fun thing to share and ended up going through my feed and stumbling upon this artist and his photography. He also does adorable little drawings of him and his wife! And his photos are positively breathtaking!!! The black and white one above made me tear up. Find him on his website HERE

The Sewing Rabbit


I LOVE this website!!! Just discovered Jessica Abbot’s “The Sewing Rabbit” blog this month and I can’t get enough! So many fun tutorials and her post about things people say when they find out you’re a seamstress…HILARIOUS!

Visit The Sewing Rabbit HERE

There it is! Have a new favorite thing? Comment below or email me at missmckennaray[at]gmail[dot]com


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